Where Can I Find Replacement Asbestos Siding?

If your asbestos siding is largely in excellent condition and you decide to keep it, you may only a few pieces that are chipped or broken to replace. If you’re looking to replace a few of the asbestos shingles on your home, various manufacturers today make a fiber cement replacement product that looks exactly like […]

How Do I Dispose of Asbestos Siding?

Disposing of asbestos siding varies from state to state, so you’ll have to check your local regulations. In some states, asbestos siding can legally be disposed in any landfill, just like any normal construction waste. In other states, asbestos siding must be disposed of in only certain designated waste disposal facilities, and they must be […]

Can I Remove Asbestos Siding Myself?

If you’re the homeowner, asbestos siding removal is permitted in most states without any special licensing or training or permits, if you handle the task yourself. If you hire a professional, though, they must be licensed to handle asbestos abatement. While you legally can remove asbestos siding from your own home in most states, whether […]