Asbestos removal servicesChoosing the right asbestos removal service can be tricky, as it’s not a common issue (such as finding a plumber or house painter) so it’s not only know where to look, but also to know what to look for when choosing someone to remove the asbestos from your home.

Any contractor that offers asbestos removal services must be licensed and certified, with special training required by many states in order for any worker involved in the project to remove asbestos materials from homes.

While homeowners can remove asbestos siding and other materials from their own homes without training or certification, any contractor or professional service offering to remove asbestos must be trained and certified.

So the first place to start when evaluating asbestos removal services is to check that they are indeed properly licensed, certified, and trained to handle potentially dangerous materials such as asbestos.

What Should You Look for in Asbestos Removal Services?

When getting bids and evaluating removal services, don’t be shy about asking them what equipment they’ll be using.

They should be using vacuum machines with very fine HEPA filters designed to suck up even the tiniest asbestos fibers from the air, and all workers should be outfitted with body suits and HEPA masks and filters.

They should also have the proper sheeting and materials necessary to seal off various portions of your house, so that the area they’re working in that contains asbestos is isolated from the rest of the house, with no chance of fibers escaping to other portions of your home.

Using Licensed Asbestos Removal Companies

One last thing to look for is a bid that reflects the specialized nature of the work. Asbestos removal by professionals is very expensive, so expect to pay thousands of dollars for the service.

The specialized equipment and training isn’t cheap, and that cost is reflected in what you’ll pay for qualified, licensed work done by asbestos remediation experts.

While that’s not the happiest of news to hear, it does help you potentially screen out contractors to avoid, as someone that offers to remove asbestos from your home for $300 is someone to avoid, as they’re obviously not using the correct equipment and haven’t had the correct training.