Asbestos disposalDisposing of asbestos siding varies from state to state, so you’ll have to check your local regulations. In some states, asbestos siding can legally be disposed in any landfill, just like any normal construction waste.

In other states, asbestos siding must be disposed of in only certain designated waste disposal facilities, and they must be notified to come pick up the asbestos siding, which itself must be properly prepared according to state guidelines.

Always check your state and local guidelines. Don’t assume that disposing of asbestos siding will be extremely expensive and require tons of permits, but also don’t assume that you’ll be able to haul it off to the local landfill, either.

How Do I Dispose of Asbestos Siding?

If you’re having asbestos siding removed by professionals, be sure that disposal is included in the quote.

Some homeowners don’t check the fine print and are surprised with additional costs at the end of the project and stuck answering the question how do I dispose of asbestos siding.

Reputable contractors will almost always include disposal in their bid but it never hurts to be 100% sure.